How to Use AI Humanizer & Detector

Our tool helps transform AI-generated text into human-like text, undetectable by AI detectors. Whether you’re crafting essays, articles, or any other content, this guide will walk you through the process of making your text sound more human and authentic.

Getting Started

  1. Access the Tool: Visit our website and navigate to the AI Text Humanizer Tool page.
  2. Input Your Text:
    1. Enter Text Manually: Type or paste the AI-generated text into the text input area.
    2. Use Sample AI Text: Click on "Use Sample AI Text" if you want to see how the tool works with a predefined text.

Customize Your Text

  1. Select the Purpose of the Text: Choose what the text will be used for (e.g., essay, article). This helps the tool tailor the humanization process to fit the content’s style and structure.
  2. Choose Literacy Level: Select the literacy level that best suits your audience (e.g., college, doctorate). This adjusts the complexity and sophistication of the language used.
  3. Set the Humanizer Level:
    1. More Readable: Makes the text simple and easy to understand. More likely to be detected as AI
    2. Balanced: Offers a good balance between readability and complexity.
    3. More Human: Enhances the text to closely mimic human writing styles, including nuanced expressions and idioms. Less likely to be detected as AI.

Humanize Your Text

After setting your preferences, click the "Humanize" button. The tool will process your text, applying linguistic modifications to make it appear as if written by a human.

Verify the Results

  1. Check for AI Detection: Click on "Check for AI" to test how well the humanized text stands against AI detection tools.
    1. Green Dot: Indicates the text is recognized as human-written.
    2. Yellow Dot: Signals mixed detection results.
    3. Red Dot: Means the text is still identified as AI-generated.
  2. Review and Adjust: If you see yellow or red dots, consider adjusting the humanizer settings or modifying the text manually before checking again.

Tips for Best Results

  • Understand the Context: Knowing the purpose and audience of your text can significantly influence the effectiveness of the humanization process.
  • Iterative Testing: Use the AI detection feature iteratively to fine-tune the humanization level until you achieve the desired outcome.


Our AI Text Humanizer Tool is designed to help you create authentic, human-like content effortlessly. By following these steps, you can ensure your AI-generated text is polished and indistinguishable from human writing. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact our support team.

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